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Laurence Dumont perfumes Vanille Violette and Tendre Madeleine review gift find
A few new perfumes I've been eager to share with everyone, especially those doing a bit of V-Day perusing, are these lovelies by Laurence Dumont. Laurence is actually a woman, Nadine Petit who spins fragrances out of vanilla. Everything is vanilla based yet each perfume smells distinctively different from one another which is rather refreshing.

The two here are from the Les Senteurs Gouramandes collection and feature scents inspired from childhood, Vanille Violette and Tendre Madeleine. Both are dreamy the longer you wear them. Tendre Madeleine is meant to be just that, those yummy puffy, scalloped cookies, but actually reminds me more of lemony sponge cake drizzled with syrup. Lot's of lemon, very sweet vanilla and a pinch of cinnamon which really does smell baked in and very much in the literal sense. Almost on a Demeter level of realness. Lovely year 'round and lasts an incredibly long time but it proved difficult to wear. Small doses, small doses as these are potent!

Vanille Violett on the other hand is completely different. Even the vanilla which, this time, is more earthy. The overall effect, especially hours later are sweet Parma Violets. A cloud of those sugary, dusty candies. The large pink ones that were always in grandma's crystal candy dishes. Too much and this can make one woozy but it's amazing how both fragrances really do invoke sweet childhood memories.

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