Winter Scents

Favorite Winter scents at the moment
Already so many are talking about Valentines Day gifts and you know how it's the perfect segue to my beloved perfume. These are a few favorite scents at the moment, all spritzed liberally to chase the chill away.

Burberry Brit Always the eau de toilette version as the pear and lemon is so juicy, the scent is much fresher and the candied amaretto and tonka is at its nuttiest. Weirdly, aside from the Sheer version which smells completely different, this one has never been mentioned here on the blog. It's my all time favorite discovered when it first came out and repurchased numerous times but only used when the temperature drops under 50 degrees. Which is why it was superseded by the next one.

Chanel N°5 Eau Premiere

MOR Marshmallow

Black Current Vanilla by Baths & Body Works

Jeanne by Lanvin This is probably an odd choice for the chilly months but this is another year 'round scent that is light, ethereal and transparent. Almost as if you're not really wearing perfume but instead just have an aura of smelling very good. The most noticeable note is something akin to tropical Star Fruit or Yuzu flower (the raspberries and citrus I imagine) mixed with a little roasted amber. One of those rare scents you can never over apply!

Jeanne perfume by Lanvin

Image: mam for Gave That


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