Myth Vanquished : Men Hate Candles

Mens Candle Lust : D.L. & Co. Molton Brown Agraria

A few days ago something very curious revealed itself—men really do secretly love and crave candles. Almost to the point of being fanatical. The catch is, of course, the scent. No flowers or overly sweet confections need apply. Instead it's whiffs of gunpowder, black pepper and seaweed. Cringe inducing? Yes, but remember when it comes to successful gift giving, it's about them not us.

Editor's Picks
D.L. & Co. CandleBy far the most sought after out of them all is the Historic Collection by Modern Alchemy (D.L. & Co. offshoot). Housed in simple votive glasses and an ornate label depicting each scent, Douglas Little of Modern Alchemy, has done something other fragrance houses have only dreamed of. Attracting the average Joe male sex to do candles. With scents like Opium Den, Dia De Los Muertos, Speak Easy and Secret Society, essences such as juniper mingle with 19th century lacquer, smoldering tobacco and orris root. Add in the fact these candles are crafted out of natural soy wax and essential oils and you have something incredibly worth giving, not to mention burning. About $45.00. For an awesome gift set housed in a faux book see my post here.

Molton Brown Black Pepper Air CandleLike Modern Alchemy, Molton Brown is unquestionably masculine and isn't afraid to steer a course away from the much used floral + surgery sweet foodie combination. Instead Molton Brown lays it on heavy and thick with herbs, dark woods and steamy incense touches. I love the departure as well because these scents are masterfully blended. No clunkers here. My top pick in candle form is Molton's Black Pepper Air Candle. Going deep with serious resins such as melodically gooey galbanum and spicy Madagascan black pepper the overall effect is fit for a king. The 80 hours of burn time and hand crafting in Suffiolk, England somewhat takes the sting out of the $75.00 price tag.

D.L. & Co. Black Wax Skull CandleThis one is pretty much a Gothic given and has no scent to boot. Clearly more of a conversation piece, slash chotsky, for all those gents wishing to be overly dramatic with foot resting on an ottoman and speeches about poor Urich, I knew him well... DL & co. - Memento Mori Black Wax Skull Candle, about $85.00. PS you can see mine in action here.

Agraria Balsam Woven Perfume CandleThe Agraria Balsam Woven Candle is the most classic pick with redwood, sweet balsam and French sage dampening down the white flowers that managed to sneak their way inside. The overall effect of the woven rattan cane encasement gives this candle major rustic appeal in a Colonial Bombay sort of way. $55.00.

Diptyque Feu de Bois (Firewood) Candle

Need photographic proof that men crave candles just as much as women? Take a look at this from a rare Diptyque sample sale in NYC via My top pick is the classic Diptyque Feu de Bois (Firewood) candle. Crackling in a warm sort of way and totally understated these double as pieces of home decor when grouped on a sideboard or coffee table. From France each retails for $60.

Another recent find has to be the Botanika line by DayNa Decker... see my complete review here. The scents in this line are lush, complex, well blended and feature a unique wooden wick that mimics a fireplace's crackling. Heavy, minimalistic green glass container would be chic in anyone's pad.

Image: D.L. & Co., Saks, Candle Delirium | Collage Gave That Digital Studio
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Anonymous said…
as a gift, the idea is nice, but i don't see the 'average joe' going out and spending $50 + on scented candles.
Gave That said…
I wouldn't have believed it either until I 'saw it' for myself on a rather sizable scale... D.L. & Co. has clearly gone where other candle companies have only dreamed of reaching-it clearly is in its own category.

Not only this but these and other candles go on sale every once in a while and that's when the feeding frenzy really starts among men, yet another surprise to me. I guess the question that seeps up is what/who is an average Joe? Is it demographic? Should the term be outmoded in the US? Perhaps I was remiss in using the term at all? The more I think about it, the more I do not like it.

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