Memento Mori

mam for gavethat skull candle black box
A Memento Mori to remember one by...
mam gavethat memento mori black skull candlemam gavethat memento mori black skull candle and fragrance pocket watches
Every once in a while it comes out of its box and gets a round of approval, especially among men. Memento Mori by Douglas Little. Candle as conversation piece, conversation piece as a candle almost too good to burn and a lot bigger than I had anticipated. This one sits in its black box, ready to spring at any moment. Below is a gorgeous example of it in action, having been burned in designer Irina Shabayeva's workroom.

Irina Shabayeva workroom with skull candle Photo credits Perry Hagopian from Marie Claire magazine

Black Skull Candle: Memento Mori D.L. & Co.

Fragrance Pocket Watches: Modern Alchemy D.L. & Co. (see them here)

Image: MAM for GaveThat | Irina Shabayeva's workroon as seen in Marie Claire magazine, photo by Perry Hagopian

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