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Paddy Wax Eco & Classic Travel Tin Candles

As with most scented things and, candles especially, the likelihood of taking a whiff and having an immense recoil is high. I'm glad to say that with this little candle it was a slow mmmmmmmmm of satisfaction and relief. Lemony with a deeper mossy scent... lemongrass for sure but what else? Sharing it with others everyone was equally enchanted by its scent. It wasn't until it was burned, it's soft wax yummy enough to rub onto my hands, on the bottom it said it was created by Paddywax... of course!

What I actually had was one of PaddyWax's classic travel tin candles in Lemongrass & Green Tea (double swoon) and at $5. each they are a perfect just because gift or favor at parties. This scent in particular could be totally unisex with its musky undertones thanks to the green tea attributes. A larger version is also available, $11. along with ones in a simple glass votive.

Another offshoot that has even more incredible scents is their Eco line with hemp twine and soy based natural inks the scents that sounded like the perfect alternative to the ones I covered in the past (from such names as D.L. & Co., etc.) include Bergamot & Tobacco Flower, Cardamom & Tonka Bean and Coriander & Star Anise, each $18. A pittance compared to $50+ charged by others and best of all these have the throw and scent to pull off something rather magical.

Image: Paddywax


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