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The weather has been gorgeous and you can not help but smile thinking somewhere, someone is getting married and it must be amazing for them! The season is still in full swing and the quest for the perfect gift kept making me think of DayNa Decker. Something about her Chandels makes me think of bridal gifts... probably because they're so universally appealing (masculine thick green grass with something completely ethereal inside).

Instead of a wick these candles have a little flat piece of organic wood resembling a reed. Lighting causes all sorts of popping and hissing and there is a serious glow. A mini fireplace in your bath (complete with soot so wide open spaces is a must!). Mine happens to be in the scent Indigo which I would highly suggest if you do not know which to get. It's transparent but distinctly Polynesian and beachy with Plumeria and apple being the most noticeable. Smelling the entire line is heavenly and grouping them en masse at a garden party would be unreal.

PS you know how there is a frequent note in these candle finds about wishing they (the really, really good ones) would come in a perfume version (such as here and here), well DayNa Decker's do. In gold and teak wood purse sprays actually and now I'm thoroughly intrigued.

For more favorite scents see my beauty and scents area here.

Image: mam for Gave That


Anonymous said…
Candles with perfume version? Sounds really intriguing. :) But I love the idea of having a little fireplace inside the bath; very cozy.

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