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For the lovable guy(s) in your life, keep reading for some of this years favorite gift finds. Keep reading for:

The Fish Hunter
Recently a study came out finally confirming all of our fears... guys (especially Dad!) are the hardest to buy gifts for. Probably because most will tell you they rather give than receive although that all pretty much goes out the window during the holidays. Everyone secretly wishes for something special. Along with personal standbys of a case or two of Magic Hat, a good scotch and season passes, here are more ways to spread a bit-o-cheer this year:

Fish Hunter - A Fish Finder That Works with Their Smartphone
Now this is really cool if you can get a peek at your anglers phone model. Working with both iphone and Android's, an app is downloaded that connects to the little orange beacon above. Attached to their fishing line and once it's in the water, the sonar measures the water depths and shows any fish lurking around on ones phone. You can find all the specks over here.
That Beard Company - Custom Blended Beard Oil
Why settle for generic grooming products when you can have That Beard Company custom create a craft beard oil. Their website actually allows you to virtually choose which oils you would like included and they create your blend to order. Inspired by V&K's Spice Bomb, Andrew mixed together essential oils of bergamot, black pepper, clove, cinnamon and vanilla in a base of hemp seed oil. It smells and feels amazing!

The Live Lokai Bracelet
Locked away inside the black bead of this bracelet is a little mud from the dead sea and the white bead contained water from Mount Everest. Lately I've been twinning with so many guys when I wear my Live Lokai bracelet. Read more in my previous post over here.

ACDC - Aesthetic Content Design Collection Candles
AC DC makes some absolutely gorgeous scents for ones study. Plus they could double as actual modern home decor. Two scents that are universally pleasing are their Pelle Vanilla which is a blend of creamy vanilla beans with sueded leather, blood oranges and a hint of patchouli. Another is the much fresher Winter Bosco which channels a walk through a snowy balsam forest with white pine, silver fer and black spruce and Fumoso Cedar which smells of crackling yule logs thanks to smoked cedar, amber and fresh moss. The perfect Christmas scent. Even better they come in travel candle form too.
SpaRoom Mini Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser
This sort of resembles a mouse on steroids but it's actually a small Aromatherapy diffuser that runs off your computer via a USB. Since there is no water involved, there are no chances of accidents or ruining anything on their desk. Instead it emits just enough scent to keep germs at bey and a calming mood depending on the essential oils you give (lavender is great).
Baieido Kobunboku Tokusen Japanese Incense
This is one of my all time favorite Koh (Japanese Incense) scents. A dry, subtle scent of aloes wood, cinnamon and sandalwood that is reminiscent of falling leaves crunching under foot. An absolutely beautiful scent that also comes equally beautifully boxed and can be enjoyed by either leaving the box open (in situations where sprinklers are present) or by burning a stick or two.

A Copper Moscow Mule Mug
Coming in all different shapes and finishes, these are still surprisingly missing from many home bars and bar trays. Which makes these prime present material. See my previous post over here on the recipe and history that goes along with these coppery mugs.
The HopSooken Packable Back Pack
What looks like a dopp kit is actually a full sized hiking style backpack that's actually rather tricked out. Even better it's insanely lightweight yet water resistant and roomy with plenty of packets. It even has mesh side pockets for water bottles or ones umbrella and lightly padded shoulder straps.

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