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After slipping on this Lokai bracelet for the first time someone immediately asked what kind of bracelet is that!? Pointing to the little black bead I told them how locked away inside was a little mud from the dead sea and spinning it around my wrist, how the white bead contained water from Mount Everest. Just like that they jumped in, Oh, it's all about keeping balanced. A really interesting conversation ensued making this one of those must share treasures.

Each Lokai bracelet actually has even more of a back story and after discovering it, it's hard not to be truly inspired by its creator Steven Izen...

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Lokai Bracelet
Sometimes you're on top of the world. Stay humble. Sometimes you've hit a low. Stay hopeful. Steven Izen

While sitting on the beach in his freshman year of collage Steven had one of those moments I think we all can identify with... the mixed emotions of happily spending time with family and friends and the pangs of knowing, just days before, that his Papa (grandfather) had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's. He questioned, how could some parts of life feel so aligned, while others so broken? and then reasoned, life is circular. From this came the creation of the Lokai bracelet, inspired by the Hawaiian word Lokahi which means unity and to blend opposites, a physical bridge between the highs, the lows and every point in-between. Not to mention an instant conversation starter which quite often ends up being a gift in itself.

Each bracelet also happens to give back 10% of proceeds to local community projects in NYC. A major thank you to Steven for sharing his keepsake and inspiring story with me.

Order your own Lokai here at the MyLokai site. 

Bracelet: c/o Lokai

Image: Magda and mam for Gave That


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