DIY Beard Oil // Father's Day Gift Idea

DIY Beard Oil Fathers Day Gift Idea
Who would have thought that some of the most popular DIY skincare gift ideas are geared towards you guys out there. If you haven't already, check out how to make said Bay Rum Aftershave Cologne and Tea Tree Oil soap on a rope, respectively. In honor of you and all the great Dad's out there here is something else to whip up... a luxurious all purpose beard oil! Keep reading for the easy:


DIY Beard Oil Ingredients

What You Will Need:

- Fractionated Coconut oil
- Pure Organic Argan Oil
- Pure Organic Castor Oil
- Pure Jojoba Oil
- Peppermint Oil (optional)
- Flask (optional)

Why these oils...

One of the top complaints about beard oils I kept seeing over and over again was how it was causing breakouts so I wanted to choose oils that were low on the comedogenic scale (aka have less of a chance of clogging pores and causing Mount Vesuvius). Fractionated coconut oil for instance makes for a great base for our beard oil not only because it has less of a risk of clogging pores the way virgin raw coconut oil can but it also acts as a natural preservative and is completely scentless. It will always stay in a liquid oil state as well. It's become my new favorite carrier and this particular bottle by Invivo Essential would make for a great gift in itself.

The other oils have really great conditioning properties for both the skin and the hair, especially the Moroccan Argan oil found in our homemade blend and the Jojoba Oil. Argan can tame and soften the most coarse oil hair without leaving it greasy feeling and Jojoba has the rare ability to mimic the skins natural oil, sinking deeply into the skin skin without being greasy. Both of the oils used here are organic and cold pressed which is important in how well they perform. Find both here and here on Amazon. The castor oil also moisturizes but also is said to encourage growth and help fill in any bald patches. Lastly peppermint is totally optional and up to you. I figured why not freshen the breath while conditioning the beard? Being serious peppermint oil actually helps reduce oiliness in the skin and also reduce inflammation. I really love the way this one by goPure, who also makes the Argan oil used here, smells in this blend.

Putting it all together:

This is really as simple as blending everything together based on your skins particular needs. My blend used 1/2 cup of Fractionated coconut oil, 1/4 cup of Argan oil, 2 Tablespoons Jojoba oil and 3 drops of essential oil of peppermint. Feel free to swap out oils based on your skin type. A great oil to substitute for example is Avocado oil although it tends to go rancid very quickly. Aside from that downside it's extremely moisturizing, making it great for dry skin, yet gentile even on acneic skin.

To use you literally oily need one or two tiny drops of beard oil rubbed between palms and smoothed over hair. This actually works great on all of your hair and skin too and the moisturizing effects last even through washing. Actually it can even be used in place of soap to wash your face. It's really magical and great while camping.
Smooth Viking Beard Oil in Mini Burlap Sack
But wait, what if you're in a pinch and rather get something pre-made? I stumbled on this beard oil by Smooth Viking and have to say (from the reports back) it's really, really good. Not only because it tosses in some rather rare oils such as pumpkin seed with it Argan and has a limy Bay Rum vipe going on, but because it comes in it's very own miniature burlap sack. I love anything that can be given sans extra wrapping, especially en mass and this is it. Find it over here on Amazon.

To make these beard oils extra gift worthy (especially for Dad or groomsmen) I decanted my finished concoction into a silver flask, added some hemp rope around the neck and a red wax seal. For more on how to create your own wax seals for gift wrapping see my previous tutorial over here.

Argan & Peppermint oils c/o goPure
Fractionated Coconut oil c/o Invivo Essentials
Flask: vintage

Image: mam for Gave That


joalvinoth said…
You have inspired so many travel bloggers! Keep doing the fantastic things that you always do!
Unknown said…
How much castor oil do you use for your oil?
Gave That said…
Hi @Tiffany, I used 10 drops in mine and this seemed to work great without causing breakouts. Thank you for stopping by!

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