A Bridal Sweet Beauty Wardrobe

A Bridal Sweet Beauty Wardrobe and Bridesmaid Gift Ideas
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue... Keep reading for favorite bits of pampering, sweet gifts to give and putting together a bridal beauty wardrobe:


Tatcha The Ritual Discovery Kit
Thinking of all the rituals of beauty none seem so intense and fleeting as those found in a bridal suite. A bride perched in front of a huge mirror, dressed in a white robe, as a flurry of people bustle around her and the room. I love the thought of sharing favorites, dabbling in little luxuries and preserving the memory forever through something as simple as smell. While some are new discoveries, other things below are old standbys which have been previously written about but definitely deserve to be seen again. 

Starting with something in the latter category is Tatcha's Ritual Discovery Kit. A kit I've written about and loved in the past, it's now been revamped in this pretty white and gold coffret, c/o Tatcha. These lined up on a small round table, one each for members of the bridal party, a simple way to take care of everyone in a no-fuss yet personal way. The kits actually come customized depending on skin type and are easy to order online. Tucked inside is a complete regimen of cleanser, skin polish, serum and moisturizing cream. For a few years now I have been using Tatcha's Radiant serum because at times my skin was too angry to allow for anything else. It's a beautifully gentile and calming fluid.

Something else really good to use the night before, found in the above kit, is their Pure camellia cleansing oil. After a single use it plumps and makes my skin super hydrated well into the next evening. For more on their their history with geisha, all of the pieces in the kit above along with their gold flecked blotting papers which are also highly recommended, see my previous post here.

Something quick and refreshing for the skin to also have on hand are these Brighter by Nature pads by Origins. They're great at making skin squeaky clean and do a surprisingly good job at removing makeup mistakes on skin (wayward self tanner included).

Kiehl's Creme de Corps is such a cult classic and after giving it a go, it really deserves to be. The only way I can describe it is plush. It immediately sinks in and leaves a pretty sheen to skin. A tiny bit goes a long way and it lasts ages. Best of all the scent is almost non-existent so there is no worry about it messing with the special scent chosen for the day or ones bouquet.

Speaking of scents I have a few including one found in a surprising place. One is Chanel N°5 Eau Premiere, previously seen over here. Chanel has since re-released it in the classic N°5 bottle which I think is brilliant. If you've never been able to find a Chanel that felt you, you are not alone. Aldehydic notes are probably the reason why, it was for me, but in Eau Premiere they seem to take a back seat to something incredibly magical. It was so worth revisiting Chanel and at the very least, this scent.

After doing a bit of research it was interesting how the fragrances of many captivating brides, from Princess Grace to Diana and The Duchess of Cambridge all had one major similarity. A similarity that transcended time. White florals.  Eau Premiere has a heart of jasmine freshened with neroli flowers that's not too loud but definitely memorable and well done.

Another really, really lovely one is Jeanne by Lanvin. Perhaps better for the bridal party because it seems no matter how much you spray, it never becomes overpowering. Having 5 let alone 20 or more members of the bridal party wearing the same scent can cause some serious amplification but with its light and effervescence it's hard to see Jeanne being distracting. One of my absolute favorite blackberry scents ever, picture a bright happy zing akin to Yuzu flowers and as if someone muddled a few freshly picked berries in the bottom of a glass, pouring sparkling water on top. Bubbles popping everywhere. Having members of the bridal party take home their own bottle is my idea of a perfect memory.

The surprise aromatic was found immediately after lifting up the lid and poking a few holes into the Coty Airspun powder above. I was absolutely shocked at how perfumed it was and decided to try and find out its notes. This definitely fits the something old part of the rhyme. I remember watching a movie from the 20's that panned over to a dresser where a girl was proudly surveying her toiletries. The camera zeroed in and lingered for a long time.  Coty Airspun! It's that old? I went to the store the next day to pick some up. Later I would find out it is still scented the original perfume created by Francois Coty in 1905, L'origan. Well one of them anyway.

They're all L'origan now but they originally came in gift sets (see them here) of other Coty perfumes as well,  ' Paris ', Emeraude and L'aimantL'origan smells softly of oranges that have been dried and candied, a little bitter and spicy yet also a warm, powdery, fluffy sweet pillow of a scent similar to my Grandmum's vintage makeup vanity (a pretty box of Airspun omnipresent, alongside Maja Myrurgia). It's not of this time, a rare portal of carnation, cloves and orange blossom tinged vanilla. After watching another black and white movie where a maid gently rolled a huge powder puff along the back of a silver lame, backless gown clad goddess I've been enamoured with doing the same (minus the French made). The difference it makes, when it's muggy or there is lots of dancing is incredible. Airspun is too perfumed for my face but felt perfectly cool on other parts of the skin.

Another way to keep cool the skin and set makeup is with some chilled rose water in a spritz bottle. It's such a mood enhancer and a trick my mum always used at her vanity. It's also very easy to make at home. See my how-to over here. I like decanting them in antique or antique looking bottles with corks and bow as favors.

Lastly something to read and something blue. Both easy to dole out, the blue tube of Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream in La Source is nice for all that floral bouquet holding and smells clean and fresh as if you were by the deep blue sea.
Confessions of a Beauty Addict novel by Nadine Haobsh
Novel: ♥-ed Confessions of a Beauty Addict by Nadine Haobsh 
Cosmetic Bag: Crabtree & Evelyn

Image: mam for Gave That


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