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Orange Glad June Sweet Box Subscription
Is there anything better than finding a pretty box on your desk filled with delectable treats? Take a peek inside this months sweets box for an around the world dessert tasting experience, c/o Orange Glad, that you'll definitely want to give Dad. Keep reading to...


Orange Glad June Sweet Box Subscription

The June sweet box from Orange Glad is here and as usual they curated a lovely collection of confections from around the world along with creations from right here. Wafel's from Amsterdam to Yiddish Hamantashen and a cookie hiding a major surprise. For more on giving an Orange Glad box or setting up a monthly treat for yourself take a look at my previous post on the gourmet dessert gift service here. They also set up an online pop-up shop for everything shown so keep an eye on their site. Now on with the tasting:

While I was taking pictures it was comforting to sip some pumpkin latte and nibble a Rip Van Wafels wafel which had been gently heated on top. Is it me or have these been popping up more and more at the counter of many coffee shops? Chewy and hiding a layer of syrup inside. Then it promptly fell completely into my cup, tasking even better. These are deceptively filling too.

Then their was a bright yellow cookie in the shape of a flower from Cheryl's. Cheryl's cookies were actually present in one of my very first Orange Glad boxes, more of which can be read here. They're still exactly the same... soft, light, buttery and insanely fresh. That's the thing with Orange Glad in general, literally everything tastes as if you've just come out of a bakery clutching something for later. Fresh and delightful.

Another familiar bakery included in this months offerings is the Fine Sconehenge Baking Co. based in CA. Last time it was a huge, dense gluten free chocolate brownie which was intensely good and took days to polish off. This month it's a luscious lemon bar on par with said brownie, a hard act to follow. Soft, moist, lemony in a rounded, creamy sort of way the nice part about this and everything I've experienced from Sconehenge, is it is not too sweet. These lemon bars might even be considered tart with is nice against the dusting of powdered sugar and the buttery shortbread crust. Gorgeous.

Popular during the Jewish holiday of Purim are these jelly filled cookies known as Hamantashen in Yiddish by NYC based Lily's Bakery Shop. Of course I'm ecstatic to have Lily's representing! These cookies are the sort I've grown up loving in in the Mid Atlantic and was so happy to devour my favorite flavor of all time, apricot. Lily's actually says these are the most popular next to their more traditional poppy seed filling, which they also make, so I'm not alone here. Again buttery, not too sweet, juicy apricot and fresh, fresh, fresh.

Last is a pudgy salted caramel cream cookie created by The Cravory. Interestingly, to add an extra layer of coolness, the Cravory actually creates their own salted caramel in house. They're also opening their first store in San Diego CA, so lucky you guys over there. Salted caramel is my thing and if it's that way for you too, this is over the top amazing. Imagine eating a vanilla ice cream cone drizzled in rich salted caramel. Now imagine tasting it as a cookie. Chunks of vanilla cream, bits of sea salt, a moist cookie that melts in your mouth, an almost toffee like crunch. Pace yourself! Perfection Cravory.

There you have it, an amazing, amazing box of confectionery delights and more bakeries to put in my little black party host book. To give or get one of these boxes visit the Orange Glad online gift shop.

Sweets discovery box c/o Orange Glad, thank you!

Image: mam for Gave That


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