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OrangeGlad May Sweets Box
A new mystery sweets box has just arrived from the lovely folks at Orange Glad. Keep reading to find out what gourmet treats were waiting inside (hint: something buttery and hailing from Wales):


May Orange Glad Sweets Box
More on the monthly subscription service Orange Glad can be found in a previous post here on the blog but in a nutshell Orange Glad curates gourmet dessert tasting boxes which they ship to subscribers each month. Then if you fall in love and want to order more you can visit their online pop-up shop which features everything in that months box. The gift opportunities can go so many different ways with this service, especially in the favor department. Everything is always perfectly wrapped and so easy to dole out.

In this particular box, it needed to be sampled (so good!) and put up ASAP because many are naturally preservative free &/or have a short shelf life. So on with the goodies waiting inside which included some classics and personal faves (chocolate chip cookies) to traditional bakery treats I've never tried before:

In the new and never tried realm were these long croissant looking cookies called Italian Butterhorns by CiCi. Filled with swirls of cinnamon, sugar and walnuts these reminded me of slightly less sweet rugelach. If you love rugelach, you have to try these. The other first taste experience were these Welsh Cakes made atop a griddle by Denise of The Welsh Bakers. Think thick butter cookies that, instead of being baked, are hand griddled and dotted with cranberries. Lemony, not too sweet and creamy tasting these were so lovely with tea.

The three others are classics remastered. The two cookies, one loaded with marshmallows S'mores style and the other peanut butter cups are both by California based Baking Betty's. Not too sweet, thoroughly infused with chocolate, buttery flavor and really, really good vanilla, these taste like they came from Grandmum's kitchen. A lot of reminiscing came after each bite. Lastly is this huge hunk of a brownie not surprisingly called the ultimate from Fine Sconehenge Baking Company. Best name ever, this is actually a gluten free dark chocolate brownie. This was loved by everyone who took a piece with some mentioning a rich coffee flavor (although it wasn't listed on the ingredients label) to a molten cake smoothness. No words. Except everything was to perfection.

May Orange Glad Box

Get your own Orange Glad dessert subscription box here and also be sure to visit their online shop for all the sweet teats mentioned above.

Simply Sweet box c/o Orange Glad, many thanks!

Image: mam for Gave That


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