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The Natural Perfume Gift Guide Gave That
Precious little bottles of scents that come out to play when skin gets warm has made all of these natural perfumes instant love...

- Lush's Gorilla perfume in Sikkim Girls is an exotic floral scent filled with jasmine and frangipani (aka Plumeria).
- MBeze deodorette stick which I use as a solid perfume in the scent Sweet Sannra which smells of clean Egyptian musk and orange Creamsicles on pulse points.
- ko denmark Jasmine + Neroli has just a hint of rose to it for a lovely sunny floral.
Karma by Lush is the unique signature scent of each store, a must for every Lush fanatic!
- CO Bigelow Apothecary creates one of my most favorite of musk oils... soft, clean and a little sweet floral swirl together for an understated classic.
- Lurk AS01 is hand blended in New York out of extremely fine essential oils of rose, cedar and earthy tuberose and perfect for those who typically hate perfume.
- Warm NY's signature perfume makes one feel the warmth of the sun on a tropical sandy beach and reminds me so much of two long time favorites blended into one... MOR's Marshmallow and The Body Shop's now discontinued Pink Pepper. If you adore either, get Warm and be happy!

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