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One way to chase away cool weather blues is with a dab or two of perfume. Especially if it's warm yet refreshing the way this scent by Lurk is. Housed in such a precious little bottle and simply known as AS01, cedarwood and tuberose oils mingle with a sweet, melodic rose that reminds one of petals having been dried in the sun and crushed between warm palms. Very much a skin scent it clings close and every once in a while gives up a light whiff of spicy cloves. This is definitely my favorite after smelling each in the collection along with their PRJV1, one of the best jasmines I've ever experienced blended with another, rare to perfume, long time love, zesty petitgrain.

Created by Anne Sanford, formally of another favorite Red Flower, each Lurk fragrance is artfully hand blended in NYC of pure, natural essentials oils in a carrier oil of organic jojoba. Making them incredibly earnest, authentic scents perfect for, as they say it so well, ...the fragrance jaded. They're less perfume and more bottled nature whose essence lingers only a few hours. Something so needed in a gray, chilly city.
Gave That LURK natural perfume bottle
Each perfume also comes with its own muslin bag printed with artwork inspired by the scent making it such a lovely gift all around. Find the entire collection here and also learn more about their work with non-profits Alignyo and Bent on Learning.

Perfumes c/o Lurk, thank you so much Anne for sharing these with me!

Image: mam for Gave That


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