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Lush natural Gorilla and solid perfumes gift find and review on Style Blog Gave That
Today, I'm taking an olfactory trip to the natural scent goldmine known as Lush and they're new Gorilla perfumes + an old standard you probably already know and love but don't yet have...

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Having already peeked into Lush's future holiday offerings including gift wrap, I have to say that it's going to be the place to swam in the coming months. Their gift wrapping options are so good that I could see the need to buy extra to wrap all your gifts. They're also putting out limited edition gift sets for many of their most popular products such as the scents above.

Lush's Gorilla perfume line, which debuted in UK stores, has been on my must try list for some time so it was lovely of them to send over these two plus another one of their fragrance offerings from Co-founder Mark.

First off the Gorilla's in the room. Created by father and son team Mark and Simon Constantine, each scent is melded from natural essential oils to tell a story and invoke memories. Immediately drawn to Voice of Reason it ended up being one of the very first scents I tried. Unscrewing the cap and waving the bottle back and forth the first thing that popped in my mind was bacon!  They made a bacon perfume?! This is a good time to stop and say that all of Lush's scents deserve to be tested on the skin and allowed to develop. They quite often smell drastically different in their container (if there is one) than they do on our skin.

Dabbing some Voice of Reason on and looking over the notes again, this particular scent was inspired by the smoky bohemian cafes of the 60's. Since I personally was not there in the 1960's I can not vouch for that and maybe that's why this perfume brings up quite different memories and associations. Namely log cabins in the woods, red flannel shirts and a roaring campfire with breakfast sizzling over top. The Constantine's vision is quite different with French cigarettes and whiskey. Coffee and the music of Gil Scott Heron and Leonard Cohen. I smell lots of smoky hickory and warm tonka. Very complex and woodsmen which makes me very curious what a guy would think about wearing this.

The other scent here is Sikkim Girls which is the polar opposite of the above, decidedly floral and fresh. It's really a lovely scent where the frangipani and jasmine immediately jumping out at you in an exotically welcoming way. After a while it smells more and more like a fine soap. For this one The Constantine's were inspired by musician Sheema Mukherjee trip to a Darjeeling cafe and the story of two seductresses. Really, really lovely and they nailed the essence of the story!

The last tube of solid perfume here is the actual signature scent of Lush. With so many scents competing for ones attention in their stores I wasn't aware each store's signature is actually Karma but after wearing it, the familiarity came rushing back. This really is the undercurrent of all Lush stores. A blend of citrus and lots of patchouli, if you know someone who's addicted to Lush, chances are they would be forever grateful for the gift of Karma. A classic, warm unisex scent.

Find all of these fragrances here at the Lush site and look for some amazingly gorgeous gift wrap too come in December.

Fragrances c/o Lush

Image: mam for Gave That


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