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Despite our being thrust into Fall things have been warming up around here, literally. Not that I'm complaining but it's always in the back of my mind that the cliff dive of a cold snap is just around the corner. Fortunately we have some liquid warmth and sun in a bottle by Warm creators Winnie Beattie, founder of Warm NY and her friend, CA perfumer Sarah Horowitz to carry us through.

Warm NY Perfume and Body Oil Warm NY Mott Street Location Warm Perfume and Body Oil in thair cloth gift bags on Gift Style Blog Gave That
Warm comes in two versions, a small yet incredibly potent perfume oil and a far more delicate all over body oil. Thanks to almond oil being used as a carrier for the body oil the two versions are slightly different from one another yet they work together in synergy to keep the fragrance going longer on my skin (trick: hydrated skin grasps fragrance longer).

Speaking of skin, Warm turned out to be such a lovely skin scent. Unobtrusive, it sticks close with tantalizing whiffs ever so often, especially when your body heats up. When it first goes on, the perfume version, has a mellow, sweet citrus scent that slowly disappears leaving behind a little sun tan oil, wooden boardwalk and muskyness. The body oil is much the same but slightly altered by the almond mingling with the clean lemon, lily and patchouli. Absolutely gorgeous!

Visit Warm NY at 181 Mott street to take a whiff which will likely guarantee your coming home with a bottle or two or order online here.

Warm perfume & body oil c/o Warm NY

Images: Warm NY & mam for Gave That


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