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Goody and favor bag ideas for grown ups by Gift Style Blog Gave That
There is always something extra magical about leaving a gathering with a little goody bag filled with unknown treasures. Especially when everything is kept slightly on the tiny and light hearted side. Above are a few favorites that are easy to dole out, and in the past, have been very well received:

Adorable Packaging: So easy to find in most drugstores and even supermarkets here in the US are these little makeup palettes and lip gloss by Physicians Formula. Covered in lace, tiny bows and high heels and embossed with corsets and a stiletto, even if someone does not fancy the color or use a lot of makeup, they're too cute not to display as a novelty.  Here the Sexy Boster Sexy Glow Brownser, Blush in Natural, Warm Nude eye palette and red lip gloss, all just as lovely on the face as in their packaging. Also with lovely packaging are these little delights from Tatcha, a line featured so many times here on the blog. They sell miniature sizes of their products in a beauty sampler which are actually rather generous. Above, their pure camellia cleansing oil and their Aburatorigami blotting papers with gold flecks. See a full review on those and other bits of their line here.

A Custom Blend:  In the little gold bag is a jar of custom cream blended for me by Cyrine Aromatherapie skincare of London. Hard to get more decadent and personal for guests than that! This particular face cream is really lovely, rich, moisturizing and pungent with essential oils. They create a number of different products and can customize them to your tastes and wishes.

Soothing: What all of these little treats have in common is lavender. Sometimes I find it hard to wind down after a lot of excitement out and lavender often comes to the rescue. It really does work. One different way is to use it to infuse a nightcap cocktail or ones tea. Tea Forte makes these self contained pyramid infusions that sit in a glass or tea cup and infuse lavender goodness. Really love them and a few other standbys such as these little travel candles by Paddywax (see full review here) and the classic Haute-Provence lavender hand cream by L'Occitane. Can never have too many of those! The last purplish find is this mini Sexy Dahlia Rush body lotion by B&BW, their latest scent with shea butter and velvet plum.

Sparkle: As previously posted here, I've been seriously impressed with Covergirls outlast stay brilliant nail polishes. Especially the go-go mango shade for summer but now they've come out with tiny versions called Glosstinis' which are perfect for favor bags and again really easy to find all over around here, especially in drustores. Finally, still loving the shamballa bracelet for a bit of sparkle that can go either way.

PS... for how to create your own custom sized favor boxes see here and to fold paper favor bags see the tutorial here.

Image: mam for Gave That


Rory said…
These are some great tips! Thanks for the inspiration!

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