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How to create your own Turks Head style nautical sailors bracelet the easy way with this easy DIY tutorial by Gift Style Blog Gave That
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Looking back on this post makes me a little nostalgic as it shows how far shopping online has come. Not so long ago it was literally impossible to buy a classic sailors bracelet unless you were able to pop into a seaboard shop. Now there are so many to choose from online. Still so many of you wanted to learn how to make one on your own but the weaving required is enough to make ones eyes go crossed.

An easy version has been on my to-do list for some time and here is the result. In addition to being quick to make it is also sizable and one does not have to worry about needing to cut it off at the end of summer (real sailor bracelets are notoriously shrinkable) making for a longer lasting keepsake. So let's get on to how to make the above:

On To The How-To

What You Will Need:
- Cotton cording or twine
- Adhesive tape or a clip board
- Thread (mine is in metallic gold - O jump rings can also work)
- Scissors
- Spray starch (optional)
- Clear nail polish (optional)
- Button or anchor charm

Step by Step Making a Turks Head Style Sailors Bracelet The Easy Way

How To Do It:
1) Cut 9 strings with 1 of the strings being 2 inches longer than the rest. The length of the strings will depend on the wrist size of the wearer. Being a tad on the big side is better as these bracelets can shrink if allowed to get wet. My wrists are very small and the length of my strings were about 8 inches long. This created an XS finished bracelet.

2) Using a clip board or a piece of tape on a flat surface, lay all the strings out in a row with the longer string in the center.

3) Group the strings into sets of 3 and start to braid (plait) as you would hair, only being sure to keep the strings flat and side by side one another as you braid. Braid all way down the length of the strings. At the end add a piece of tape to keep the braid from unraveling.

At this point the bracelet can be further sized by wrapping it around your wrist. If way too large slightly un-braid and trim the strings slightly at the end making sure to leave 1/2 inch of free string to fold over to crate a finished end. Also don't cut the longer string as that's needed to crate the loop fastener.

4) If using. spray the bracelet with spray starch. This helps keep it in place and also helps prevent stains later on. Peel off the tape from the ends and attach the button to one of the central free strings.Knot. Fold the rest of the strings under to what will be the inside of the bracelet and wrap thread around until secured. Trim with scissors and apply clear nail polish to knots.

5) Repeat the above on the other end of the bracelet but instead of a button create a loop out of the longer length of string large enough to fit over the button. Trim any excess. And you're done!

Me wearing my new sailor bracelet with my DIY tassel clutch bag Finished DIY sailors friendship bracelet by Gift Style Blog Gave That

For an equally nautical way to wrap and give these sailor bracelet's as gifts see the previous map guest gift wrap post here. Also see how the above clutch purse was made too! Another super easy DIY.

Image: mam for Gave That


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