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Get A Summer Glow
With the amount of rain, brisk winds and gloomy skies we experience here on the East Coast, any bit of sun is so very welcomed. Especially on holiday, at outdoor weddings and in the summer. A healthy glow going with it. Sadly, laying out or allowing the sun to do that is out of the question so I've been testing a myriad of things, hoping to get the look through other, safer means. Here are my current top picks of the season:


La Vigne Facial Polish and Sunn Celle vitamins

Protection & Healing : Last year was a real breakthrough in this department. Despite layering on heavy sunscreens we would still seem to get too much sun (and burned) at least one time each year. In my case it was usually in the face or on the shoulders. This changed completely through the use of BB creams which have been an absolute skin saver (more on those here). One problems with BB creams, especially my favorites from Asia, are they're often to light or have a chalky cast to them. To fix that it was easy to go over them with bronzer which is why I was so happy to find this bronzing Solar Powder by Physicians Formula (this one is light and very subtle) with SPF 20. Finding a sunscreen that works on my face, aside from the BB creams, has been a never ending challenge of battling breakouts, a greasy face and sunburns (thanks). So this sun blocking, mat bronzer is a dream, definitely adding it to my bag of travel drugstore finds to always have on hand.

For an all over sunblock I have been loving the new Sublime Sun sunscreen oil SPF 30 by L'Oréal. Definitely the lazy persons sunscreen, a few spritzes and you're done but what was really unexpected is the glow it gives due to the argan and other oils. It also magically stays on without attracting dirt. The bane of every single spray on sunblock I've ever tried up until this. Love it (spray it in the hair, on the face at the beach too).

Lastly in this department I have these new vitamins from the line Sunn Celle. From the start of this year I switched over to softgel capsule vitamins and the difference was very apparent so I was looking forward to these by Sunn Celle. They've been great and it's nice that they also contain omega oils and are only 2 a day.  According to Pro-Biotiks Sunn Celle was created with cellular membrane health and daily stress in mind. Seems very pertinent for right now.

Glowing Skin : Recently I was sent this Illuminating Facial Polish from the organic skin care brand based in Canada, La Vigne. This seemed as if it would be perfect for the most important step of self tanning... exfoliate, exfoliate and exfoliate some more. A powder that turns into a paste scrub this left my skin surprisingly smooth considering how gentle it was. They say it can also be a mask, with the oat flour in it, this is great for a little too much sun as well.

Fake Bake :  Now for the fun part. For the face, after the SPF 20 bronzing powder above another lovely product is this cream highlighter in Afterglow by Edward Bess (try it at Sephora). You only need a tiny swipe over your cheekbones &/or the eyelids and it's absolutely lovely what it does.

For all over the body I'm in love with Tan Towel and specifically their Express Tan Self-Tanning Mist which is awesome. The reason why it was the mist over the towelettes which Tan Towel is known for is this is already tinted so I can get instant color and see where exactly the tan will develop further. It comes out so even and deep (for me) every time and after only one application. Absolutely adore it!

Something else for instant color is Airbrush Legs by Sally Hansen which can actually be used all over the body. It comes in lot's of shades with the one here being Medium Glow. What is really nice about this, maybe because of the glow in the name, is it's filled with tiny gold shimmers. Remember when Jergens Natural Glow use to come that way? Why did they stop? Well this is the closest thing to old school Jergens only Sally Hansen's has no self tanner smell because it's really makeup, not self tanner. Makeup that strangely never transfers and resists water even. Liquid tan stockings in a bottle!

Have a glowing summer everyone!  See more favorite sunblocks and BB creams in my previous post here.

Illuminating Powder c/o La Vinge
Supplements c/o Sunn Celle

Image: mam for Gave That


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