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Picking Out Some Favorite Sunblocks for the Slopes including BB Creams Primers and Broad Spectrum Sunscrean by Gift Style Blog Gave That
This could be filed under, the gift of not getting burned. So many things for the skin have debuted this past month, especially at the drugstore, but dawning on me today was how many of these favorites have turned out to be sun blocking. In particular BB Creams, first from Asia and now many from here in the US. These have made some of the biggest difference, no more dehydrated, burned skin (nose!) and lips from the slopes, that I wanted to gather them all up and share.

The Review

Revlon for some unknown reason never caused breakouts with any of their foundations so when they're Photoready BB Cream came out it was a must try. It has a 30 SPF broad spectrum sunblock and a typical tinted moisturizer feel. I'll definitely always keep some on hand as it hasn't caused any reactions or problems. Next is L'Oreal's Rivitalift Miracle Blur which is clear and similar to the paste we used as children. It too is 30 SPF, broad spectrum, and works best slathered on clear or better yet under makeup. Unlike Revlon's Photoready Color Correcting Primer in 002 it does not blur well on it's own but as a sunblock I really find it works, especially on the nose. Similar is this Bobbi Brown SPF 50 UV Protective Face Base which is a very good sunblock, more so than a primer. Then my current all time favorite, which was surprising, Physicians Formula Super BB Cream with SPF 30. This is the closest yet to my Asian BB Creams and feels really good. So far no sunburns and it lasts a decent amount of time. Then for the lips, Mission Skincare's Ultra-Hydrating Lip Protector SPF 20. It's a really light gel that does exactly what it says which is refreshing!

Have a really good weekend everyone!


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