Glass Handbag part II

Sunday LookBook with Glass Handbag
Source: via Marie Anakee 

Someone famous once said something to the effect of, it's easy to gift shop for women, all we really want are handbags and jewelry. How hard it is not to agree, just the slightest deep down. In addition to this silver jewel of a clutch, last seen NYE, designer Tamara Leuty of Glass Handbag thoroughly spoiled me by also personally picking out and sending over her Classic handbag to show you all (!!). Magda was kind enough to take these pictures as we were out and about today on the chilly streets window shopping, new favorite treasure bag in tow.
With The Classic Glass Handbag
Source: via Marie Anakee
The Magic inside all Glass Handbags a light
Source: via Marie Anakee
Inside is a flexible light strip that glows when the bag is opened! Pretty fantastic!

My Glass Handbag bag

Wearing: Classic  bag  in black c/o Glass Handbag (Thank you so very much Tamara!!), beanie hat by BMC Handmade, Coat: Lerario Beatriz, Gloves: c/o Cire by Grandoe  Shoes: Vintage

Image: c/o Magda and mam for Gave That


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