Ciré by Grandoe


Cire by Grandoe Cozy Gloves
These Ciré by Grandoe gloves have to be some of the most unique, not to mention decadent, that I've come across, making them a part of this years must give list. Along with being soft, fleecy and very warm, each pair is infused with Aloe which likely works the way lanolin does to moisturize and waterproof in shearling. The nice thing about these by Grandoe is they're more vegan friendly micro-suede and snowfleece versions. A big thank you to Grandoe for kindly sending a pair over to review, with the temperature at freezing now gloves are no longer an option and these will be forever in my bag and on my hands.
Cire by Grandoe Cozy gloves with aloe infused in them
Gloves: c/o Ciré by Grandoe in Cozy Plum

Image: mam for Gave That


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