Silver Glass Handbag

Glass Handbag Silver Clutch
Have your party looks all picked out yet? This New Year's Eve in particular there was something very alluring about silver... a silver sweater, shoes, and the last touch a shiny silver Rave clutch by Glass Handbag which just arrived. Tamara Leuty, the CEO/Designer behind the line, was so very kind to give this to me along with another one of her classic pieces. More on that soon but I couldn't wait to show everyone this silvery Christmas and NYE look and the secret hidden inside each Glass Handbag, including the Rave clutch above.
Silver Sweater and Glass Handbag Silver Clutch Silver NYE HeelsGlass Handbag Silver Clutch
Pushing a tiny button inside causes the clutch to glow blue and illuminate everything tucked inside.

The secret is an actual strip of light that gives off a soft glow! This has to be one of the coolest features in a bag that I've come across yet although even if it were absent, this is one of those goes with everything statement piece to treasure forever. The fact that it is a feature only amps that up.

Wishing everyone the loveliest of holiday parties and an amazing NYE! Be safe and more soon.

Bag: Rave clutch c/o Glass Handbag, can not thank you enough!

Image: mam & Magda for Gave That


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