Bread & Butter Pickling - From the Garden

Freshly made Bread and Butter pickles canned today from the garden here is how to make them too homemade gift idea
- Homemade Gift Idea -

One good thing about the rainy weather this year has been tons of juicy things popping up in the garden! So many cucumbers have been ripening that it was time for some summer pickles which always seem to be really welcome gifts. Here's how these Bread & Butter ones were made:
Instagraming the Pickling Process for making homemade bread and butter pickle gifts

These particular pickles are one of our favorites, Bread & Butter, and have long been created from a recipe from the early 1930's. The problem is, that one can be a tad tricky because it requires a lot of weights and measures but thankfully I found a very similar recipe here that tastes the same and is easy to follow. The only thing that I would add in is a few cloves, a pinch of dried mustard powder and 1/2 cup of water for the classic 30's flavor of these above.
Homemade Bread and Butter pickles in picnic basket vintage Ball glass mason jars
Homemade canning with Bread and Butter pickles in mason jars inside vintage picnic basket ready to give

As paper toppers coffee filters were shortened and popped on top... for more ways to decorate and dress up Mason jar gifts see here and here.

Image: mam for Gave That


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