Harvest Part I

mam for gave that harvesting heirloom tomatoes

Picking tomatoes before the frost comes...

mam for gave that mum carrying organic tomatoes from the gardenmam for gave that bucket of tomatoes from the gardenmam for gave that basil from the garden in glass mason canning jars

Picking basil too. Everything will be cooked down to form thick tomato ketchup and sauces. This takes a while but somehow being in a warm kitchen all day beats the cold, drizzly weather outside.
Packing garden vegetables for gift giving using mason jars and gift wrap on the lids
Adding a bit of gift wrap to the lid of mason jars is a favorite way to reuse old wrapping paper and add a different pop to garden gifts.
Apron with tomatoes on it: by ASD

Image: MAM for Gave That


every year when its time to harvest i get that feeling... yea the feeling that Christmas is right around the corner!!!

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