mam for gavethat cherry blossoms
gm gavethat mam gavethat cherry blossoms in antique bottles and marie anakee wearing the RUNNUR and sigg bottlemam for gavethat cherry blossoms
mam for gavethat orchids starting to bloom
copyright 2010 mam for gavethat cherry blossoms

Sometimes the best things are right around you... this weekend was a profusion of cherry blossoms and violets (heaven!), long bike rides and antiquing with my new RUNNUR, thanks to Andrew Hamra (more on that soon and for anyone curious, I'm attaching my reusable water bottle to it, Andrew thought of everything!). The violets are on their way to being candied and steeped for some pretty delectable cocktails and all these cherry blossoms will be reinterpreted for spring gift giving. Think artist Ayomi Yoshida as inspiration.

Image: MAM for GaveThat

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Anonymous said…
So much SPRING in one post! Absolutely delightful. Cherry Blossoms are among my favorite of all. Thank you!
Gave That said…
I'm so happy to hear this.. cherry blossoms are one of my most favorite blooms as well so pure delight these past weeks!! Happy spring! -m

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