The Best Candles for Under $30 - Give These

Best Candles To Give Under $30

Smelling new and hopefully pleasant things is a real treat for me so when a candle is seen sitting quietly on a shelf there I am snatching it up to give it a whiff. A few seconds later, if it is that good, images will appear in my mind. A face of a friend or loved one and then I'm off. These candles smell so luxe, unique and captivating but do not come with a $70+ price tag. Who knew? (they won't!). Onward (clockwise from top left):

1) Slatkin & Co. Fireside you sly devils... I bow to you! Talk about a hulking 14.5 ounces of pure masculine delight that's perfect for a smoldering undercurrent to those holiday parties. Yes it's smokey with burning woods, amber and leather... and that's the point. Smell it in person at Bath & Body Works. $19.50.

2) Paddywax - Eco Bergamot & Tobacco Flower candle, the secret needs to get out, Paddywax creates candles that are just as luxe smelling as the popular $60 and $70 models out there (Paddywax's start at 5 bucks!) and comes in special eco editions using recycled materials and natural inks. The personal favorite is their deep blend of Bergamot & Tobacco Flowers and their Lemongrass & Green Tea is gorgeous for the bath. Start at $5. for travel tins. [See my past review of Paddywax here]

3) Archipelago Botanicals Signature Series Bergamot Tobacco candle, this Bergamot Tobacco is a favorite and their most popular request. Love the wax seal touch on both candle and box. Along with the Bergamot Tobacco above be sure to also try their thoroughly modern Archipelago Botanicals A.B. Home Collection Soy Wax Candle in Lavender which has been a major hit with gift recipients. The swoon inducing scent mingles lavender with a hint of thyme. $27.99.

4) Le Couvent Des Minimes Lavender and Acacia Candle This is a case of really pulling through as these French candles from Provence are extremely hard to find in the US but oh-so-worth it. Around $22. each the lavender gives way to an almost creamy acacia and other woods, musk and a hint of vanilla. Not the least bit floral this is perfect for burning on those chilly nights and makes a fireplace completely obsolete. An added bonus... they've been made by nuns in a small convent since 1862 with a keen eye on being eco (some of their packing is made from seaweed harvested during cleaning of Venice waterways).

On The Radar: Royal Apothic which can be found at Anthropologie has my nose itching to give it a whirl. The story behind the finding of old recipes and their Victorian charm seem irresistible... let me at Distillation Of An Edwardian Fireplace and Attar Of High Tea. Unfortunately they come $2 over budget for this spot at $32. each, so maybe a review is in order next time? Update: Find my review and favorite picks from the collection here.

Image: Slatkin & Co. via Bath & Body Works, Paddywax, Archipelago, Le Couvent

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