Attar of High Tea

picture mam gavethat Attar of High Tea Royal Apothic candle in gift boxAttar of High Tea Royal Apothic Candles
A good while ago I had mentioned how intriguing Royal Apothic's candle offerings sounded. From their history of being found in a forgotten book of concoctions to their monikers... Japonseque, Topiary, Distillation of An Edwardian Fireplace! Devine sounding indeed. Well now I've whiffed a good many and came back with two scents. One being the above Attar of High Tea (which of course lead to other things during the day) having developed a cult following and Distillation of A Venetian Grove which is also very teasan.

Royal Apothic's line turned out to be very classically perfumed unlike some of my other favorites such as D.L. & Co. (more boutique) and despite its notes of Earl Grey, cedar, lime, cloves, and bergamont the masculine High Tea isn't my favorite. As I tweeted, plum pick of the line Venetian Grove turned out to be a trip to, "Orangeries filled with green tea & neroli" with currents, orange blossoms and citrus. Swoon. Both seem perfect when it's very warm, the porch seems welcoming and you want to watch the moon and candle light flicker. In this case they're just right for setting the mood at a little tea party.

picture mam gavethat yellow rose in tea cupspicture mam gavethat cranberry sconesmam gavethat cranberry scones lemon curdpicture mam gavethat red rooibos tea in china cupsmam gavethat cranberry scones lemon curd

Two favorites with Red Rooibos tea are rustic scones and fluffy lemon curd. Slathered on thick. For the scones use this Brunch recipe here. I've used it numerous times... sometimes with cranberries like here or with Cheddar cheese, raisins, currents, individually. For the lemon curd, if you find yourself short on time, try the Scottish Chesters of St Andrews. Created on a small farm in Fife it's some of the best I have ever tasted. Sharp, earnest lemon and completely smooth. Scott's know their curd. Jars of these along with jams and chutneys (the Breakers had some delectable ones on hand) are a must grab for doling out during the holidays or as guest gifts at tea brunches. Something for them to remember you by. Find the recipe for the cranberry scones above here.

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