How To Be Social Without Going Broke : Spring / Summer Edition

one dress & four events

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roof top party
spring showers

Kicking off GaveThat's series on how to survive the social season of weddings, garden parties, BBQ's without going broke or worse, becoming a hermit, we have searched high and low for ways to stretch your budget. Yes, we cringe at the word budget too but friendship and maintaining a network of meaningful relationships is not something that can be neglected for too long nor should it be completely left to chance. Making an allowance for what you can attend is just as important as that Dish on Demand.

One major way for us women to free up a large chunk of cash is to move away from the thinking that each event requires it's own dress. Even when utilizing sample sales and other outlets the bill can run up to such a point that there isn't anything left to enjoy the dress in. Instead choose a flattering, simple frock and re-purpose it accordingly. Here, a brand new site was used to test each look above, Looklet. Thanks to a special invitation from Carolina Engman months ago to the prototype site I have been remixing various looks and now you can too. It can be very eye opening to see how limited a dress can end up being thanks to too much fluff and this site makes quick yet fun work of it.

For the gents, you're slightly off the hook... wearing the same suits and sportswear you already wear at work will probably pass but you too can up the class by keeping a keen eye on accessories via sample sales online (think unique cuff links and an of the minute tie) and also consider getting your suits tailored, as seen in this Forbes piece Bespoke Suits for Less.

Next up, how to survive wedding season without going broke... from gifts to getting there.

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Anonymous said…
BRAVO! I loved this! Especially your fashion layout of the model transformed for different occasions but wearing the same dress. I remember an info-mercial for a dress that could be worn several ways. All of these ideas are great especially with so many seasonal events coming up. Weddings, anniversaries, picnics...the list goes on and who wants to miss out sitting at home? Not me. Thanks again for these excellent ideas to make us look good AND save money.
Gave That said…
So glad you enjoyed this! AND thank you for mentioning the convertible dress--I have one and it's really fun to play with. Now they're coming out with floor length ones and the possibilities are really endless. As you said why sit around at home. What fun is that. Look for the convertible dress and other ideas in a special wedding piece planned (How To Survive Wedding Gift Season Without Going Broke).
Jayne said…
Really great post! It's so hard to wear a dress twice without it feeling as special, great tricks!

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