Planting Your Next Hostess Gift : Aloe, Aloe

Planting Your Next Hostess Gift Aloe Vera
{ And the top hostess gift is... }

Something very, very simple! As mentioned before cut flowers are quickly finding themselves outmoded here this year and the gift plant finds itself making an overdue return.

So do you go with something flashy like an orchid or a little African Violet? While the latter is rather inexpensive, most good (read not poached from indigenous locations) orchids will run $40 and up, act temperamental and likely drop all their flowers and buds within a few days. This withering show is one of the reasons gift plants started to become frowned upon. Would you really want someone to feel like a murderous failure? Some people take these things very personally.

Moving away from the showy thrills there is a whole world of hardy, meaningful plants left to give and the one at the highest rung would have to be the simple Aloe vera plant. With the social season of countless garden parties and BBQ's quickly approaching, here is why you'll want to stock up on a bit of greenery:

  • They're inexpensive. While they have recently become rather scarce as people snatch them up where ever they're offered, most still sell for under $4. each.

  • They're easy to give yet hard to kill. Forget to water for a couple of weeks or know someone who frequently travels? These succulents store water in their pointy leaves and can last weeks without any watering. They easily are revived when you do remember to water.

  • They multiply. Aloe vera plants create baby plants (pups) right in the pot which you can separate and start as new plants. You can also cut the leaves, let the cut end cure over and then stick it in some dirt, again new plants will form. This makes it perfect for gift giving as you can grow multiple pots for friends.

  • They are healing. Breaking off a leaf and using the gel, Aloe vera has been used for many, many years to heal the skin including burns, insect bites and other conditions. This is why so many like to keep one in their kitchen. You can also place a leaf in your bath for an amazing moisturizing effect. The pictured plant had 3 leaves pilfered within 2 days of its arrival—it was delighted to help and has since regenerated the missing leaves.

Placed in patinae covered terracotta pots, Aloes vera can be an unexpected architectural touch to your recipients home decor. When placed en mass as a centerpiece and then used as take home favors for guests. One caveat though, if you are unsure if your gift recipient has pets like a cat or dog or know for sure that you do, nix the idea of giving an Aloe which can be toxic if chewed upon. For more information on caring for Aloe vera plants check out Garden Web's FAQ's area on the subject.

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Buying a little Aloe vera plant was on our 50 simple gifts to give yourself list... want to see the other 49? If so click here.


Anonymous said…
What a find! Most people already use aloe infused soaps, shampoo and body lotions. Why not give the real thing? I have quite a few parties and picnics to attend but now have the perfect hostess gift to bring. Thank you!
Gave That said…
I'm so glad you enjoyed this and thank you so much for leaving such kind words! You're right and the Aloe vera gels sold in stores are never on par with the healing benefits of a fresh leaf. It's really great at outdoor event too because of it's aid in soothing bug bites. Please keep coming back and leaving input!

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