Be The Bartender - Hot Hostess Gift - Review

The Book That Should Be Under Every Bar:
Ultimate Bar Book - The Comprehensive Guide to Over 1,000 Cocktails by Mittie Hellmich (Chronicle Books $19.95)

Sneak peek at a few new and old favorites in the kitchen

OK think fast... what can you give a hostess that has everything and you're broke? How about your services as a bartender for the evening? Yeah, that's the ticket old chap!

When we say every, we mean every bar including the step right up and pay ones. There has been a dramatic return of interest in the old standards. In many cases these drinks require a number of ingredients, certain glasses, you know the whole reason why most bar tenders use to go to school. Nowadays many bartenders are doing it on the side and boy does it show. Ask for something like a whisky sour, which would also be really good on St. Patrick's day, and some look at you like you have 4 heads or explain we just don't make that. Unacceptable. Now with Mittie Hellmich's little brown book, which is rather low key by the way, everyone can be an expert. Nearly every drink worth making is indexed and explained in detail along with the alcohols and additives needed. With the bones in place you can feel confident enough to have an open bar at your next house party or create new signature drinks based on the classics.

To go along with the above book check out the DVD "Mixing Drinks Cocktails Bartender Tips Secrets". Try not to let the cheesy case cover fool you, this is basically a live action version of the Ultimate Bar Book, featuring Waldorf Astoria's mix master himself Thomas Bitler. This gives you step by step instructions on how to properly blend mixed drinks and also what the finished concoctions should look like. Having both the DVD and the book would seriously put you ahead in the host/hostess department as more and more people are fancying an old Cape Cod or obscure Lemon Drop. Cheers!

Check out DrinkBoy for an Orange Bitters recipe that can help in your signature drink formulation.

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