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(Please see update all the way at the bottom of the page) In case you're new to Gilt Groupe (, it was founded by Alexis Maybank and Alexandra Wilson as an invite only online sample sale site that is free to join and now ships internationally. Behind those black website walls lie some incredible steals. Best of all I have a special invite for all Gave That readers (that's you!), simply sign in via this link and you too can partake.

Along with bags and apparel Gilt Groupe also frequently features high end candles, glass wear and jewelery making it perfect for budget gift shopping that only looks and feels like a splurge (be sure to visit the "gift" area daily). As for my experiences with Gilt, this has to be one of the best out of all of the sites that have popped up as of late. For one Gilt provides a shopping experience online that mimics what you would find in a high end boutique or department store. The boxes and little thank you card that ship your items feel luxe and most of my orders were sent within days unlike 2 to 3 weeks as has been frequently the case elsewhere. Customer service comes through and I like the way they reach out and try to keep members in the loop about how the website and service is being upgraded. Gilt, at the moment, is the bar setter. [click here to sign up using my invite]

Unboxing Gilt...
mam gave that gilt groupe package upon arrival mam gavethat gilt enclosure cards width=mam gavethat gilt open box

Gilt is rather consistent with their packaging... black tissue paper, black enclosure cards and sometimes, like in this case, delicious graphics inside the box that begs for recycling. Also making an appearance in the unboxing shots is my latest favorite... a Spring 2009 Hypernova scarf by designer Risto Bimbiloski. His depictions of nature has made him a beloved designer of mine.

Another point I wanted to mention about Gilt has been their recent work with various charitable causes. In many cases they have been the only online venue for limited edition items benefiting charity. This has included the Versace Art Unite tote bags, the CFDA's Fashion Night Out collections along with established brands like FEEDBAG and TOMS shoes. This is something I hope Gilt will broaden and expand in the near future!

A little update... Sadly I must add (in 2012) that Gilt is no longer the same company I initially wrote about here. 85% of my recent orders (in 2011), including many picked from their gift department, were badly damaged and very obviously used and returned only to be sold again (the most recent a fragrance 1/3 used!). Many were tossed in a plain box with zero packing of any sort. Non could ever be given as gifts. A real shame as Gilt was once a favorite place to shop but now can not be recommended aside from their charitable offerings.

Looking For Other Sites Like Gilt Group?
If you're looking for a similar members and invitation only experience like Gilt, be sure to join my other favorites by checking out Sample Sales invitations @ Gave That.


Anonymous said…
Thanks! What a find. I signed up for the Gilt Group through your invitation and immediately went for the Jack Spade bags. They remind me of the Overland Equipment Bags that I also like very much. It was free to join and now I'm in on all the sample sales the disigners offer. Sweeeet!
Gave That said…
That's great--I'm so glad to hear it was easy and worked for you. Yes, they do remind me of Overland as well and Kate Spade (Jack's wife) also makes bags for women that look just like them as well.

More and more people are shopping online nowadays and places like Gilt Group give you almost the same deals as you would get as a NYC sample sales (most of which are closed to the public--the good ones anyway).
Anonymous said…
i have first found out about,and then googled some sites that are like them..and here i am!! thanks for the info!!
my email is
Anonymous said…
Haute couture wrapping at its finest. I signed up for Gilt group through! Unbelievable finds. I'm remaining anonymous as it is no one's business where I shop.
Gave That said…
Tea just shot out of my mouth... so funny I wasn't expecting that. Aye, guess everyone will know where I got my scarf from now. -M

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