Versace Art Unites Bag

mam gavethat versace logopicture mam gavethat Versace Art Unites Tote Bag for Onemam gavethat Versace Art Unites leather wallet attached to tote bag

A good number of times now the Versace Art Unites tote bag, a collaboration between Donatella Versace and the Whitney Museum of American Art's education department, has appeared here. Now I can finally show you what the illusive bag actually looks like. Squishy and light weight (how welcome both these things are!), it has delicious doodles by a very talented child on the front. It also comes with an attached leather wallet and the benefiting charity engraved on a silver medallion. Best of all 100% of the proceeds from each tote goes directly to either the Starlight Children's Foundation (for children who are gravely ill) or the China One Foundation (Sichuan province earthquake victims).

When I first spotted the bags last year I was under the impression that the art work was reproduced but no! Each bag is one-of-a-kind and personally touched (drawn on) by these lovely children. With this being the case these are pretty limited so call your Versace boutique ASAP and if you can not make it in person, ask them to email or text a picture of what they have available. $250.


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