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Musti Eau de Soin Mustela Baby Perfume
Kicking off a steamy, muggy start to summer with natural, citric fragrances, here's a look at a cult favorite to give, Musti Eau de Soin by Mustela. Keep reading for:


    Musti Eau de Soin Mustela Baby Perfume with Lanvin
So many of you have let me know that you want to see more natural beauty. Over the last few months I have finally been able to overhaul 90% of the products I use to more natural, cruelty free ones and will be sharing all of them soon. One area that has proved slightly more challenging is fragrance. While there are a number of niche perfume oils there are comparably fewer fragrances to spritz on. Something about summer heat makes spritzing extra appealing over oiling up.

Something light, sunny and refreshing. That's when I remembered something one of my childhood friends told me about life in Tokyo. You know Marie, everyone is wearing perfumes for babies, it's all they wear now, especially in summer. Soft, transparent, watery even, this sounded brilliant.

Fast forward a bajillion few years and I'm finally exploring the concept further. The biggestmost fragrances geared for babies are more natural, even though they might not be blatantly advertised as such and typically alcohol free. That and seeing Eau de Bonpoint popping up over and over on Parisian vanities. A baby perfume created by none other than Annick Goutal.

Another neroli based cult favorite similar to Bonpoint's and sold out practically everywhere at the moment, is Mustela's Musti Eau de Soin. I was able to get a bottle and have to admit feeling strangely happy every time I use it. Based on the notes alone, I thought it would be similar to 4711's Original Eau de Cologne, which is also often sprinkled on German children and babies in summer. The two ended up apart with Musti being a burst of what seems to be tangy tangerine and linden flower. Way underneath all the citrus fruitiness is the essence of orange blossoms, the clean soapiness of lilac and sweet honey. It ended up a lot less floral than Kerstin Florian's neroli water water for instance, so I've been layering it over NUXE's Huile Prodigieuse oil or another obscure amber oil. Even on its own, Musti lasts quite a decent amount of time considering it is mostly made up of top notes that typically linger only a short time on the skin.

Find it over here. Have you ever worn Eau de Bonpoint or an Agua de Violetas? What's your favorite?

Image: mam for Gave That


drmiczak said…
I think this is brilliant. Most of us are discontinuing chemically laden cosmetics so fragrance is perhaps the last frontier. Bravo for enlightening us on this one as I will certainly try Musti.

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