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After watching the BBC documentary Perfume I came away wanting so much to recreate the bows Amanda Brooke was attaching to bottles of their line of Grossmith fragrances. Discovering Victorian perfume recipes with such names as Hasu-no-Hana and Betrothal the Brooke's decided to recreate and relaunch their great-grandfather's creations. Some of which were specially created for royalty. A sort of undone, frayed bow tie around the neck of crystal stopper bottles speaks to both the antique and modern fusion of the scents waiting inside.

Perfect for homemade gifts of Bay Rum aftershave cologne and chocolate rose perfumes, even craft beer would look good sporting one of these, here's the simple method to creating the Grossmith bow:


Original Grossmith perfume bottles serving as inspiration

Step 1) Wrap the twine or silk rope around the neck of the bottle leaving the free ends all the way at the bottom.

Step 2) Make a simple bow (shoelace style) but do it twice to make two looks on each side.

Step 3) Snip the loops so you're left with five pieces of twine on each side of the middle knot.

Step 4) Using a toothbrush, unravel and fluff out the ends of the twine. Repeat on the other side and you're done.

Actually smelling the Grossmith's scents would be such a treat. In the mean time I'll enjoy spritzing on this 18th century cologne and creating my own based on antique recipes discovered in books purchased in antique shops. If you would like to give perfume making a go, see my previous post here.

Images: mam for Gave That | Grossmith


Estados said…
Wonderful end result. I enjoyed the BBC documentary too!

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