Goals // Take All My Vitamins

Goals // Take All My Vitamins Coconut and African Mango Cleanse Milk Thistle
Ever make a subconscious goal in the middle of the year? Mine was to diligently take all my vitamins every single day without fail. This year, to start it off fresh, I decided to wash away the sugary parts of the past holiday season with a month long cleanse.


Usually during to month of January I like to get back on track, drink those raw juice smoothies along with my favorite detox tea concoction and do a liver cleanse with either Milk Thistle or Dandelion root. This year Milk Thistle it was in the form of small tablets by Vita Pure. After going through one of the worst skin reactions in years thanks to Dimethicone overload, I've long felt a liver cleanse has done wonders for clearing up my skin too. To go along with this and take the whole cleanse thing up a notch someone nonchalantly mentioned doing an herbal colon cleanse as well.

I ended up coming across two, one by Island Vibrance called a Coconut cleanse and an African Mango version by SupremePure. All of these can found and ordered on Amazon. Let's just say that unlike the Milk Thistle which really has zero noticeable effects to your system, these colon cleanses are hard core. The down time right after then holidays when you're snowed in is the perfect time but even then there is no way to think about lasting a month or even a week.

Another sort of cleanse came from wanting to banish another pesky leftover from the holidays. Mindless snacking and sugar highs. With Valentines Day just around the corner I needed to have one good month of rest from chocolate. So I ended up trying Summit Nutritions' Garcinia Cambogia extract. The list of benefits are a mile long on Garcinia Cambogia supplements with claims of stopping sweet tooth cravings to being a natural vegetarian source of calcium and boosting serotonin levels. The calcium was sadly not enough to really do anything as I became achy but the sweet tooth has been pulled.

All of those were just for the month but two other supplements I plan on taking the rest of the year are these little black Omega 3 Krill Oil by Number One Nutrition. For anyone who is a die hard believer in fish oils these seem much more concentrated, are easier to swallow and will not repeat on you. This is probably one of the only times a radio commercial led me to actually order something, albeit on Amazon, and it was worth the try. The other is something my Mum gave me which is NeoCell's Collagen Beauty Builder. Repairing my skin is one of my top goals this year so a big thank you to Mum for thinking of sharing this. Only a few days ago I was also reading a study that found women who took a daily Hyaluronic Acid supplement ended up seeing less wrinkles in their skin. Turns out this Collagen Beauty Builder has Hyaluronic Acid in there along with collagen and biotin. I don't really have any lines but why not keep it that way?

Take All My Vitamins Coconut &\and African Mango Cleanse Milk Thistle
Supplements c/o SupremePure, Island Vibrance, Vita Pure

This is based on my own personal experiences and is not intended as a substitute for consulting with your health and skincare provider.

Image: mam for Gave That


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