DIY Scented Gloves — A Nice Touch

DIY Scented Gloves
A favorite warm coat, a pair of broken in boots, lots of tea, a cozy fire and a stack of good books that have been waiting for ages to be cracked open. They make frigid Northern winters something to look forward to but this winter has called for some extra reinforcements! Something to remind me to smile even when slightly frozen walking down the sidewalk under an ever graying sky. Time to go old school, this time with a favorite gift of kings (and their mums), the illusive scented leather glove. Keep reading for all the details and ...


Scented gloves would often come up in my antique books as a way to ward off illnesses and add beauty to hands. Then I recently discovered L’Artisan Parfumeur started a revival of this luxury by infusing a pair of kid gloves with their scent Mûre et Musc Extrême. A blackberry heavy fragrance which mingles with the leather of the gloves. This actually sounded reminiscent to my bottle of Van Cleef & Arpels' Féerie which smells of blueberry jam and leather already.

Taking a silk sachet bag filled with dried rose petals and lavender buds I sprayed it liberally with the Feerie perfume, allowed for the alcohol to vanish and stuck it inside the glove. A strip of silk infused with the perfume went into the other glove. Both ways worked surprisingly well to scent the leather without staining, giving a sweet surprise when you bring your hands close to your face or hold hands.

Berries and leather are an interesting combination I must admit which has left my Feerie sadly not seeing much action but vanilla mingling with leather and even a hint of rose and lavender is really soothing and nice. Incense, especially Japanese Koh, is lovely too. Scented soap cut into cubes, powdery sachets, your cologne on a silk handkerchief stuffed inside each glove gives that extra something, something without much effort. Keeping the gloves housed in a box with a tight lid for a week helps them become deictically infused for weeks.

What You Will Need:
- Leather gloves
- Strip of silk, sachet bag filled with dried rose petals &/or lavender,  handkerchief
- Fragrance, pieces of scented wax or soap
- Box with tightly fitted lit.

How To Do It:
Try any of the steps above depending on the materials you have on hand.

Image: mam for Gave That


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