DIY Christmas Card Wreath & Advent Calendar

DIY Christmas Card Wreath & Advent Calendar
Christmas past I showed how to make a super easy living wreath with glittery pine cones and this DIY decor project is equally simple, only this time it's two-for. As the cards roll in this wreath turns into a lovely piece of mail art or it can make for an Advent calendar when tiny envelopes are attached to each one of the clothe pins. For the longest time I've been wanting to make my own Advent calendar... to see how it turned out and the step by step tutorial for the Christmas card wreath above keep on reading below:

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DIY Christmas Card Wreath & Advent Calendar
What You Will Need:
- Clothe pins (for my project 24 were used)
- Spacers such as beads with wide holes, foam balls or pine cones glued in place
- Wire or a wire wreath base
- A bow
- Mini red envelopes (if making the Advent calendar version)

How To Do It:
It;s just like stringing a necklace! Super quick and simple although I did find using a wire wreath base is the best way to go. If using wire, it needs to be heavy duty enough yet able to pass through the hole of the beads and clothe pin springs.

Snip one area of the wire wreath base and slightly pull it apart to allow for stringing on the spacer beads and the clothe pines which I poked through the round hole in the spring. Push it was together into a circle and attach the bow to the top. Glue the bows back if extra stability is needed when hanging and then add the greeting cards or envelopes to finish filling out the wreath. That's it!

How To Make Your Own Greeting Card Wreath and Advent Calendar Gave That

For lot's more DIY gift projects and festive decor see the How-To area of the blog here. Happy holidays!

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