For Oenophiles — Gift Guide

Gave That Wine Lovers Holiday Gift Guide
Celebrating red and white for the wine lover on your list with...

(left to right)

- Some really, really good not to mention portable organic wines by CalNaturale
- The ZinZig wine board game will have everyone playing an expert by nights end, Host
- Folded up, stick this entire Freeze+Go wine bag into the freezer then add your favorite two bottles. Once you arrive, perfectly chilled wine! From Pack It
Salt infused with wine including Cabernet and vintage Merlot from The Spice Lab
- Host makes some of the best hostess gifts around including these Whirl glasses which makes wine taste better and the Chill which chills a bottle of wine from the inside out as it pours through the spout.
- A natural slate cheese board to help put together the perfect cheesy spread

Image: mam for Gave That


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