ZinZig Wine Tasting

ZinZig Wine Tasting Game Gift Idea
There are so many things to like about a wine tasting party — it can be thrown almost any time of the day, the food required is very minimal, it goes well with no electricity and some of the best are when it's turned into a game!
Burning Candles Calm Before The Storm ZinZig Wine Tasting Party Game with wine and cheese
Tasting wines from local winery Tomasello and simple cheese.
Fireplace burningZinZig Wine Tasting Game
This is why I was so happy to hear from the kind folks at ZinZig who let me know about their new board game. It's one part blind sipping and pondering and another part trivia which equals a lot of learning, or at least on my part it did. It's a meaty game that will probably outlast your wine, cheese and crackers but that's what I like. Melt the hours away and have them coming back for more!

Wine Edition board game c/o ZingZig, thank you so much for such an awesome hostess gift idea!

Image: mam for Gave That


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