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These past few nights have been in the mid 30's, really bringing home the realization Fall is here and it's here to stay. Nowhere is it more apparent than on my skin which typically likes to rebel. Ever trying new skin things to cope it just dawned on me how many of them have a tinge of Asian cult favorites. From things infused with green tea to paper sheet masks for home spa treatments, take a look at a few new favorite pick me up's currently in heavy rotation...

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Sheet Masks: Over the years one skin care product from Asia that I've enjoyed and ordered online multiple times (along with BB Creams) are paper sheet masks. When wet they're smoothed over the face and are often infused with all sorts of skin foods. A new Korean made one that I just recently discovered is by the Canadian based Masker Aide. These are quite different and a lot better compared to anything I've used in the past. Namely because they're soaked in serum as opposed to merely being wet.

The ones here are the Pre Party Prep sheet masks which are perfect for the season to come. After smoothing it on it feels so cool and moisturizing, slightly tightening as it dries (although it never fully dried out which was great).  After 20 minutes my skin felt majorly plumped up and moist. Something really handy for long holiday flying and girls spa nights in. Really love these!

Charcoal Soap: Finally worked up the nerve and tried a charcoal soap. All I can say is why did it take me so long? And no it did not make my face look dirty. It's actually extremely clarifying and also makes a nice mask when left on for 10 minutes. It can be rather drying though which is why I don't use it all the time. Lush makes their famous Coal Face version or try Nippon Kodo's Pelican Deitanseki soap, the original from Japan.

BB Cream: This is something that has been featured here on the blog numerous times now and despite trying so many American versions, none have come close to ones from Asia. Korea in particular. One new one that I've been using is Caviar Gold BB Cream from Hanskin. Along with a decent SPF this one says it contains caviar extract, platinum powder and aloe vera. Moisturizing without being heavy it's coverage is sadly zero. So far, it's a decent sunblock and the caviar properties are intriguing.

Green Tea: Bags of green tea over the eyes work wonders so I've been searching for more concentrated versions. One that you drink is by Pure Inventions. A liquid dietary supplement that come is numerous flavors, it's infused with green tea which they note may promote younger looking skin. These do taste really, really good. All that's needed is a dropper full in plain water and it's instant delicious, sweetened (from Stevia & Lo Hun fruit, zero sugar) drink time.  The other one here seemed very fitting...Ancient Beauty Tea from 101 Tea Plantations via Orange Glad. This one needs old school brewing and is delightful.

Torture Device: Lastly what could pass for a cactus or torture device and feels like it too. A little Derma Roller. The tiny, sharp pins make holes in the skin which is supposed to allow serums to reach deeper into skin layers and also promote collagen production. I don't use it all over, only on some rather scared areas hoping it will do something. It's not fun but in the short amount of time the area does look somewhat smoother already and nothing catastrophic has happened. Will have to come back in a few months with an update on that one.

Tis the season, we can all make it though it looking and feeling good!

Masks: c/o Masker Aide

Image: mam for Gave That


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