Wrapping Up Flowers

An easy way to wrap, hang and give flowers using Furoshiki style fabric folds and a bouquet of fresh flowers from the garden by Gift Style Blog Gave That
This is yet another quick and easy way to wrap of a gift based on the ancient Japanese art form of Furoshiki. Here we're wrapping some flowers. Every time I see pictures posted of outdoor dinners, weddings and the pews in a rustic church I couldn't help but think how lovely they'd be adored in this way. Simple hanging nosegays that are soft if one happens to brush up against them and easy to hand to ones host at the door or out as favors. Keep reading for how to do it too below:

The How-To

Furoshiki Wrapping Flowers Step by Step by Gift Wrapping Blog Gave That

1) Fold a scarf, large napkin or Furoshiki cloth in half so that it form a triangle. Folding the top corner of the scarf's point down, tuck your bouquet of flowers in between the layers.

2) Taking the outer corners of the scarf cross them over one another to form a cone around the bouquet. Flip everything over.

3) Take the free "arms" of the scarf and tie a knot so that the bouquet of flowers is secure in it's little fabric cone holder.

4) Taking the what's left of the two pieces of scarf tie another knot close to their tips so you're left with a little loop in the back.

If they won't be hung anyplace an alternative to the little loop is to bring the left over free pieces of the scarf back around to the front and tie a bow. My scarf used here is on the small side at 16 & 1/2 inches square. Using a larger scarf would allow for the loop to be much larger and the bouquet to hang lower down.
Floral bouquet on a chair by Gift Style Blog Gave That

Image: Magda and mam for Gave That


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