DIY Egg Votive Candles

DIY Egg Shell Votive Candles in an Egg Cup by Gift Style Blog Gave That Video Tutorial 
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Recently we made a bunch of things from left over egg shells, including these little egg votive candles. It ended up being a great way to use up a lot of candle wax from candles now devoid of wicks and they could go in two directions. One way is to decorate them Easter egg style or peel the shell away from the hardened candle wax revealing a little egg shaped votive. Want to do it too? Check out the video tutorial below:

The How-To

Materials Needed:
- Besswax,old candle wax from burned down candles &/or wax candle melts
- Wicks
- A clean tin can or wax melting pot
- A pot of water to create a double burner (candle melter)
- Egg carton

Since my burned out candle was already housed in a glass jar I submerged it in the pot of boiling instead of trying to dig the hardened wax out. This worked great!

How To Do It:
Watch the video above or click here to view it for all the simple steps!
Finished Egg Shell Votive Candle Speckled In Gold by Gift Style Blog Gave That

For another DIY project using egg shells see our previous post here for egg planters.

Image: mam for Gave That


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