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This is something being mulled over for this years Home & Garden show and just had to be shared here too. Super simple to make, these eggshell planters have an amazing way of holding just the right amount of water to make seedlings grow pretty quick. Writing someones name on the front turns them into instant take home keepsake place settings and favors too!

Materials Needed:

- Egg shells (jumbo eggs work best)
- Soil
- Tiny saucers (Terracotta ones are perfect and can be found in craft or garden centers)
- Small plants or seeds

The most important part is the plant or seeds themselves. (see a previous post on gift plants). Miniature African violets are perfect because they always stay the tiniest of sizes to live inside the eggshell pot you've created. The only caveat is to really mound the soil up high so none of their leaves or stems touch the jagged edges of the eggshell. Tiny ferns or succulents such as the Hens & Chicks above are cute too but might need replanting after a while. As for seeds, herbs along with catnip, wheat grass and cat grass have a really good chance of germinating quickly and actually growing.

Putting It Together:

Taking a knife gently take off the the pointed end cap of the eggshell. If the hole needs to be larger, kitchen scissors work great to snip around the edges. Clean the inside well with running water and pat the outside of the eggshell dry.

Fill with moist potting soil and gently tap the the eggshell on a hard surface to flatten the bottom to make it stand upright on the catch dish. Using a glue dot can also really help it stay in place. Then add seeds following directions on the packet or add a tiny plant, spritz with water and that's it! Allowing the outside of the shell to dry and using a sharpie is all that's needed to add names for use as place settings. For a step-by-step look see the video below:

Garden tool set by Liberty of London (old): find a similar floral set here

Image: mam for Gave That


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