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For anyone who's come here a few times it's likely become slightly apparent how fond we are of bags. Probably because they're so easy to give and it's fun seeing a gift actually put to good use. Our latest revisit happens to be a really different one. One that's been perfect for long canyon hikes, walking through the market while traveling and steamy outdoor concerts too. It's called the RUNNUR, keep reading to see why we found it pretty awesome:


Where to start? First, I'm wearing it backwards above... it turns out to be comfortable sassed either way. There definitely is a front and a back to this padded sash mini backpack (to keep sticky fingers out of the built in wallet) most obvious with the nice reflective strip on the back. Covered in pockets it is incredible the amount of thought that was put into this. This includes a full built in zippered wallet on the front, places for sunglasses and mp3, your phone, ID and what I've come to enjoy the most, the carabiner which I use to attach a reusable water bottle. It's great for a leash as well. When I think of all the bad spills I took in the past, including smashing my camera on a rock face, having our hands completely free on rocky, steep terrain with the RUNNUR is a lifesaver.

RUNNUR on Our Hike

Pick yours up here at

Top: Gore
Pants: HKR Collections
Shoes: New Balance
Bag: c/o RUNNUR

Image: c/o Magda for Gave That


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