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Sweet Smelling Soaps Guests Will Love In This Latest The List Gift Guide
We've thrown open the windows and started to do some major spring cleaning around here which always leads to freshening up the scents as well. Something clean and slightly dewy sweet. One simple way is by filling baskets with guest soaps. Here are a few steadfast favorites:


(clockwise from the top) MOR Australia hands down makes some of the prettiest packaging around. With that being said it's somewhat surprising that the majority of their scents are actually rather masculine and fresh. Giving the best of both worlds. My personal favorite pick is their Marshmallow scent and their petite soaps that come in tins... see more on those here. The large oval soap is also by MOR.  Next is a lovely soap by Red Flower who creates beautiful potpourri topped candles as well in all sorts of delicate scents. Then the classic too pretty to unwrap sort, this time by Gianna Rose Atelier. These piled high in an old style glass jar look amazing near the sink.

While this strays slightly from these theme, this Clean Lather perfume had to be included because it literally smells of soapy cleanliness and since it's unisex, ended up perfect to leave for guests in the powder room.

A nice hunk of rustic handmade soap always seems to beg for use and in this case, this one by Merryweather's also has the benefit of calming skin with its oatmeal and perfuming hands beautifully. This has to be one of the best smelling soaps I have ever come across to date. They also make an awesome Gin & Tonic scented one as well. For more on those and the gift set they came in from Topricin see here. Lastly, Yardley of London had to be included because they're less than Dove but come in an oatmeal flecked, honey version which smells and feels so good. It totally belies its price.

Image: mam for Gave That


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