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Topricin organza gift bag filled with unscented creams massaging tools reflexology charts and handmade soaps for the holidays
With the summer heat fading and those cold mornings rolling in, it's hard to adjust. Having new things to look forward to certainly does help. That and being reunited with old friends. Boots! They've all been dug out now and a few new ones added but even this has caused some pain. After badly hurting my foot (thanks new shoes) I slathered on some of this natural cream by Topricin and was pain and bruise free a few hours later. That never happens, especially with bruises, so this now travels with me literally everywhere.

Fast forward a month and they emailed to let me know about their new collection of gift sets and very kindly offered to send these over. Along with their line of scentless pain creams they also filled their gift bags with reflexology charts they had commissioned specifically for these sets, handmade soaps (the honey oatmeal and Gin & Tonic is so good!) and massaging tools. Lot's of other thoughtful goodies as well. They're available from their site here and while some say for him or her, they're universally gift worthy either way.
Handmade soaps from Topricin gift setsTopricin creams and reflexology chart from gift setTopricin Gift Sets

Feet Treat, Relaxation and Foot Retreat Gift Sets
courtesy of Topricin, thank you so much!

Image: mam for Gave That


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