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The honeysuckle flowers started to bloom today which was perfect timing for how hot and sultry it has become. Picking a few to create floral water as gifts and adding 1/4 cup to lemonade makes for an unexpectedly cool twist on a summer classic. Here's how:


A pitcher of homemade Honeysuckle Lemonade and some honeysuckle floral water gifts

The easiest way to create honeysuckle floral water for decanting as gifts &/or adding to fresh lemonade is to pick 2 or 3 cups of honeysuckle flowers and gently simmer them in water. The creamy white buds just about ready to open work well too. Please make sure that the flowers you are using are safe for consumption, to find out more go here. Let them steep for a few hours in room temperature and then refrigerate. The other method to make very pure floral water is the same way we previously created rose floral water here.

Freezing some of the honeysuckle flowers into ice cubes looks pretty too! Stay cool!

Warning: Some species of honeysuckle are not safe for consumption, learn more here prior to wildcrafting.

Image: mam for Gave That


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