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With the bitter cold we've been experiencing in the mid Atlantic and, looking down while tapping, still a ton of left over paper cuts, now seemed a good time to lay out all the hand creams that have been in heavy rotation. Bite sized luxuries, they've all been really well received and well loved.

 (left to right)

-This one, the classic Norwegian Formula hand cream by Neutrogena (in unscented) is probably the easiest to find here, sold in most drug stores, and also the most universally giveable. Especially for guys. Despite being very simple in ingredients (mostly glycerin) and not a creamy texture, this stuff works wonders to seal in moisture and help heal. The scented is very perfumed, definitely smell it first!

- L'Occitane's hand creams have been featured here countless times because they're so good and many have the benefit of helping Shea butter growers. The tubes themselves are often times quite pretty too. Definitely try the lavender one pictured here.

- From the UK comes this little bottle of 100% natural and vegan hand cream called iRejuvenate by Forest Secrets Skincare. A light pink fluid it sinks in immediately and plumps the skin up, plus a little goes a long way. See more cooing about it here.

- Another drugstore find that was a pleasant surprise because it actually works (so many hand creams do nothing sadly) was this one by Essence of Beauty which might be an exclusive to CVS. It's thick, rich and keeps my hands hydrated even after washing and this particular scent, the Japanese Garden, smells really good.

- Then there is Crabtree & Evelyn's Gardeners Hand Therapy which comes in these rustic large tubes and smells really earthy. This is probably the most heavy duty of the lot but it also seems the last the longest, so little is needed.

Image: mam for Gave That


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