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Forest Secrets Skincare iRejuvenate Review part of Detoxing part Four
The last phase of the whole detoxify journey that has been taking place over the past few weeks, and one of my upcoming resolutions, is to rebuild the skin and maybe make it even better. During the detoxing and now afterwards I have been testing this new natural cream called iRejuvenate by Forest Secrets Skincare which creator Dr. Barbara Olioso, who has amazing skin, was kind enough to personally send over.

The Review...

Forest Secrets Skincare, as the name conjures, is a naturally based line that also offers a bespoke serum service. Their new iRejuvenate body & hand cream, which is also vegan and 100% natural, is said to regenerate collagen and soothe with Hyaluronic acid. Hearing this, on a pretty frigid day, I decided to put it all over my face hoping it would protect it from windburn. 11 miles an hour down hills plus up to 20 mile an hour wind gusts and it really did protect my face. Best of all there weren't any reactions which is a feat in itself considering how sensitive my face likes to be. This is lovely on the hands and body too of course, plumping everything up and leaving behind a very light, comforting scent which really does remind one of the forest.

These can be found in Harrods (Urban Retreat) and online here.

Creams c/o Forest Secrets Skincare, thank you so much Dr. Olioso!

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